How it began

With a profound devotion to Korean cuisine, K-pocha was established in 2013 by a Korean home-away couple. The dishes at K-pocha are cultivated with detail, and carry an eternal love for the motherland. Our mission is to satisfy our customers’ cravings for Korean cuisine. We offer a variety of Korean traditional dishes, as well as modern-twisted delicacies to meet our beloved customers’ demands. Whenever authentic Korean speaks, K-pocha is there.

It has been a long journey…

In 2012, K-pocha started as a fantasy of Mr. Lee and Ms. Yoon about opening up a small restaurant in Toronto. With all the dedication and restless effort, K-pocha opened the door for our very first customers in late 2012. In the start, our restaurant served a few dishes such as Kimchi Jjigae, Korean fried chicken, and beverages. Since we received many fabulous feedback on the quality of our signature dish – Korean fried chicken, and our guests have asked for more variety of Korean cuisine; we decided to extend our menu to more and more dishes over time.

K-pocha guarantees great satisfaction for our customers’ visits.

Time flies, but our restaurant still holds such an outstanding reputation and devoted team resources. Our team consists of hard-working people that are committed to each of our own dishes. Every morning, we pick out only top-notch ingredients at the local market, then meticulously prepare them for every table. Fresh, high-quality chicken along with timely and superior service is our goal.

If you wonder how exceptional our delicacies are, book a table with us today!

K-pocha guarantees great satisfaction for our customers’ visits.